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LRBT’s 35 Millionth Patient – Mashtama a beautiful 8 year old girl from Quetta

April 7th, 2017|

Mashtama – a beautiful 8 year old girl from Quetta – could not, for the most part of her life, comprehend what it meant to be beautiful. She was hardly 5 when her teachers and parents realized that she suffered from vision impairment. What seemed to be a simple issue that could be resolved

LRBT receives the Balochistan Excellence Award for Health

January 2nd, 2017|

LRBT’s 34 Millionth Patient – 14 year old Mohd. Ali – defies all odds as he helps his mother support their family.

November 30th, 2016|

At the age of 14, Mohammad Ali seemed to have aged far beyond his years. Now somewhat mature, Ali had once been a naughty, fun loving child, who enjoyed going to the neighborhood school and playing cricket on the road with his friends. This had not happened overnight; the last 5 years had been

LRBFoundation Newsletter 125 (April – June 2016)

August 15th, 2016|

LRBFoundation News Letter 125 (April – June 2016)

LRBT’s 33rd millionth patient – Mohammad Liaquat – hails from Lyari and is the only hope for his family of 12

July 27th, 2016|

‘You are our only hope. You must not fail us.’ The words of his parents, after his diabetic father’s first heart attack , rang in his ears over a decade later as he faced the inevitable doom – his nemesis – complete darkness.

Being punished once by being locked in a dark room by

Ramadan Flyer 2017

May 31st, 2016|

Since 1984, LRBT has transformed the lives of over 35 million patients like Farah therough its network of 19 hospitals and 56 eye centres but 20 million poor patients still need your help.

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LRBT Treats It’s 32 Million Patient Ali Husnain From the Suburbs of Karachi

April 20th, 2016|

Children are a source of happiness and hope – the essence of our future. We dream through them and of them; all that we could not achieve on our own, seems possible through them. They fill the world with their laughter, cheer and love.

8 year old Ali Husnain, a student of grade 1 and

LRBT Treats It’s 31st Million Patient Zohara From Tando Allahyaar

November 3rd, 2015|

Zohara is a 12 year old daughter of an old farmer Ibrahim of Tando Allahyaar whose wife expired last year leaving behind 6 children: Two married sons and one daughter who live separately and Zohara and her two young brothers living with Ibrahim, one of them is mentally handicapped. Zohara is an unfortunate child:

FREE Eye Camp at North Nazimabad, Karachi.

August 18th, 2015|

Thank you APPNA for financing the initiative.

LRBT Held a 3 Day Training Workshop

August 18th, 2015|

LRBT held a 3 day training workshop on photography and patient’s story writing at LRBT Korangi Hospital. A big thank you to Mr.Jamshyd Masood for training the staff with such dedication and passion.